Saturday, June 21, 2014

disney world!


I just got back from Disney World...literally hours ago. SO SAD! I love it so much there. It's basically impossible to go there and not have the time of your life. SO GO! No matter if you have or haven't been...GO!

I'm serious.

They recently started a new system with "MagicBand." Basically, you get a bracelet type thing {like the ones pictured below}, and it's EVERYTHING: your money, admission, FastPass+, room key...EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN THIS ADORABLE BAND. Okay...calming down...

^^^ Those are the MagicBands. They come in an assortment of colors that you can choose from.

Contrary to popular belief, Disney has some of the BEST thrill rides. If you're like me, and you are a serious adrenaline junkie, check out the most terrifying rides I took on.

Magic Kingdom

So, Magic Kingdom is basically the little princess and fairy capital of life. That being said, there aren't too many thrill rides in this particular park. The most thrilling you get is Splash Mountain, which is a 50 ft. log flume kinda deal. 

Most people would consider Space Mountain to be thrilling, but I personally think it's overrated.

Animal Kingdom

Okay, LOVED the thrill in this park. I only got to ride one thing here, and that was Expedition Everest. You go forwards AND backwards, which is always exciting and different. We rode this a few times since the line was fairly short!


Gonna be honest, y'all. I wasn't the biggest fan of Epcot when I first visited. We originally just experienced things like Turtle Talk with Crush, Soarin' {which was actually breathtaking}, etc. It wasn't until the last day of our vacation did we decide to bus over to Epcot to ride Test Track. O. M. G. So much fun! You basically design your own car concept that is programmed into a SIM Car, which is then test driven with you in it! It's actually thrilling, and very hands on. 

9 giant golf balls out of 10.

Hollywood Studios {MY FAVORITE <3 <3 <3}

Y'ALL...THIS IS MY FAVORITE PARK. Two reasons: Rock N' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. I. DIE. EVERY. TIME.

Rock N' Roller Coaster is an Aerosmith based coaster. It is the only roller coaster in the park that takes you upside down {to my knowledge}. No big hills... just Steven Tyler counting down from 5 in your ear drums, a super fast launch, and BAM! Sweet Emotion is playing in your coaster car as you "drive the streets of Hollywood" in attempts to make it backstage to meet Aerosmith. 

Tower of Terror.... I just can't. You guys, this ride kills me. It's my favorite in the entire Disney park, but also {in my opinion} the scariest ride. It's based off of "The Twilight Zone" series. I can't even explain to you the ride... all I can say is it drops you...and then flies you back to the top of the tower...and then drops you again...

Rinse and repeat.

Here's a screenshot from my video documentation of my Tower of Terror experience. Note the kid in the background.

Before the drop....


L. O. L.

If you wanna check out my week at Disney World, be sure to check out my YouTube page. I posted daily vlogs there! <3

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