Sunday, June 1, 2014

an introduction

Hey y'all! 

Well, for starters, my name is Katelin: some call me Kate, some call me Katie, some even call me Kay. I am currently studying Multimedia Journalism and English at Virginia Tech, and I LOVE IT! I write and manage circulation for the Collegiate Times in Blacksburg, VA. I have two GIANT Old English Sheepdogs {my babes} and two cats {gross}. I love all things antique, vintage, old, whatever. I was born in the wrong era, as my favorite artists include Elvis Presley, Louis Prima, The Temptations, and Queen {although I do fanaticize over Beyoncé}. My boyfriend is Senior Airman Frosell...aka Liam/Bill {whatever I feel like calling him that day}. He's currently serving in the Air National Guard as an Electrical Engineer.

Enough about all of that. Let's talk about why I am starting this blog.

WELL. There are two main consumers of my time {er...aside from schoolwork}: YouTube and free writing. I'm an aspiring writer and YouTuber yearning for a starting point. So... HERE I AM! I'm really inspired by YouTubers like CutiePieMarzia, Kalel Cullen {soon to be Padilla, eek!}, Pewdie, and sometimes even Shane Dawson {shamelessly?}... I feel like I definitely have a creative streak in me, and I want to share that with the world! So once again, here I am!


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